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Attached is our annual appeal which will help fund many projects for both land acquisitions and stewardship of Land Trust properties.
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TRAILS NEWS, the good and the bad! Update 7/23/15

April 2015 - Our Nate Whipple Highway Atlantic White Cedar Swamp trailhead is closed due to flooding caused by a Beaver Dam. We are taking a number of actions to evaluate how we can open the trail which may include an alternate route. We are also consulting with an expert on Beaver control management for options to reopen the existing trail if we can lower the water level.

We have also notified the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management of our situation.

This Land Trust Preserve site is made up of three properties totaling 145 acres that we want to remain open to the public Therefore the Stewardship Committee is currently constructing a new trailhead on Pound Road that will very soon give a secondary access.

We will keep this post updated as changes are made. Thanks for patience with nature.

Update July 23, 2015 - The Stewardship Committee met with the RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) to evaluate a plan of action to reopen an alternate trail from 215 Nate Whipple Highway. We are moving forward with a RIDEM application to build a bog bridge along with other remedies to mitigate the flooding from the beaver damming.

New Trailhead access - While working on the Nate Whipple trailhead we have opened a new trailhead at 60 Pound Road to access this 145 acre preserve. This new trailhead is called Gold Star Preserve. We are submitting this update to the RIDEM to amend our management plan.
New Property Acquired
On December 15, 2014 the Land Trust acquired its 26th property. The acquisition is a new "Blackstone River Watershed" property of 13.7 acres in the neighborhood of Kennedy Court, Plantation Drive and Roosevelt Road. The property is named the "MENARD PRESERVE" with a sign posted at 15 Kennedy Court.
LAND TRUST celebrates 25th anniversary
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7th in the series of Trails and Cumberland Conservation land.
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Blackall Family Preserve - Series 4

This the 4th in a series of Town Lands and Trails written by Marcia Green of the Valley Breeze.
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Franklin Farm - Series 3

3rd in Series of the lands of Cumberland
Town property - FRANKLIN FARMS
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Land Trust High Rock Farm - Series 2

Cumberland Land Trust High Rock Farm on Scott Road
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Valley Breeze feature article on Otis Smith and Rowbottom Preserve

Join us as we share "Cumberland's best-kept secret"
This is a first in series of stories that Marcia Greene is planning for town wide preserved properties.
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